Who I am

My love for poodles started at birth when my mother bought a poodle. It was a white miniature named GIGI from the Champion Bloodline Blanche Chartier. She lived 15 years.

Our second poodle a blue miniature named GUCCHI. He was from the Champion Bloodline Tippiton. He lived to the respectable age of 18.

When I moved out from my parents, I acquired an apricot poodle named Casey from the bloodline De La Bayonne.

Then a friend, Mrs. Andrée Éthier, poodle breeder for 30 years (Ace Passion Bloodline) introduced me to Mrs. Dawn Cullen breeder of the Champion bloodline Bonvivant perm’reg. Mrs. Cullen encouraged me to breed Casey since she was a beautiful dog but just missing that little something for show. The first breeding with Casey was with Mrs. Cullen’s dog Bonvivant Red Rooster. Casey produced 4 gorgeous red puppies. That got me hooked and I started showing.

I’ve been raising Poodles since 1997. I’m occasionally on the show circuit when I have a prospect to show.

My husband is also a canine lover. He prefers big dogs but has grown very fond of our little ones.
From left to right:
Jacqueline Rusby, judge and poodle breeder for over 40 years Tippiton perm’reg , Dawn Cullen, poodle breeder for over 35 years Bonvivant perm’reg (showing one of my dogs)
And me.
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