We can present your dog in the conformation ring. We have been handling several poodles and obtained their Canadian Championship to the satisfaction of our clients.

We only present small breeds from group 5 and miniature poodles from group 6.

We will evaluate the potential of your dog in conformation, temperamment and aptitudes. You can rest assure that we will give you the truth and nothing but the truth.

Your dog will be treated as a member of our famile while he stays with us to practice, get to know us and for the time of his campaining.

For further information, please contact us.
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Madthai Sweet Harmony
Championship completed in 2013
Breeder Madthai Poodles
Owner Martin R Pallen, St-Bruno
Rainbow Dance to the Music
Championship completed 2013
Breeder Rainbow Poodles
Owner Connie Halcom, É.U.
Kisbur's Hearts Ablaze
Championship completed 2015
Breeder Kisbur Poodles
Owner Midori Nakahara, Japon
Gulfbreeze She's A Dream at Attitude
Championship completed 2016
Breeder Gulfbreeze Poodles
Owner Nathalie Bélair
Kisbur's Red Maple
Championship completed 2014
Breeder Kisbur Poodles
Owner Jocelyn Bouchard, Labaie
Attitude Chocolate Delight
Championship completed 2018
Breeder Attitude Poodles
Owner Nathalie Bélair
Rainbow In to the Mystic
Championship completed 2017
Breeder Rainbow Poodles
Owner Midori Nakahara, Japon